Transshipment of taro-artificial loads

We provide transshipment services for export and import cargo: bulk, container, liquid and other
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Transshipment from all types of transport from MOST Logistic Terminal

The capacities of the terminal ensure the solution of all problems for any kind of cargo – bulk, bulk and liquid, and if necessary – simultaneous processing of several types arriving by different modes of transport.

  • Weighing, receiving and shipping with a capacity of up to 200 t/h
  • Service of railway transport on broad and narrow gauge
  • Work with all types of vehicles and wagons
  • Storage silos with a capacity of 12.5 thousand tons for grain storage
  • Container warehouse for 200 TU

High-quality and prompt transshipment is a guarantee of the safety of the cargo and the speed of its transportation.

Our equipment

Tracks 1435
1500 m
Tracks 1520
1500 m
Mobile crane
up to 30 tons
Bridge crane
up to 15 tons
up to 10 tons
Our capacities

MOST Logistic Terminal capabilities

Infrastructure capabilities
Acceptance and shipment of goods in narrow-gauge and broad-gauge wagons, as well as trucks
Overloading according to the direct option according to the scheme: wagon-wagon, truck-wagon
Overloading using available warehouse capacities according to the scheme: wagon/truck - warehouse/yard-wagon/truck
The possibility of simultaneous processing of different types of cargo arriving by different modes of transport
Different types of cargo
Any containerized cargo in packaging or on pallets: fertilizers, fuel briquettes, wood and its processing products
Metal products: galvanized wires, steel disks, steel in rolls and bundles
Grain and agricultural products: sugar, oil, cake, meal, compound feed
Project and oversized cargo: complex equipment, fragile cargo, unusual in weight or dimensions
Warehouse storage
If necessary, we provide warehousing and logistics services for export-import cargo
5 thousand square meters of closed warehouse and 12.6 thousand square meters of open areas
Modern warehouses: temperature control, air humidity control, air conditioning, polished concrete floors
Sorting, labeling, packing and sending to your customers by postal operators both within and outside of Ukraine

Advantages and geography of location

Most Logistic Terminal provides a key transport corridor between Ukraine and Europe, which provides new opportunities for logistics. Location advantages:

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