Transshipment of grain cargoes

We provide services for transshipment of grain cargoes on the border with Poland. We organize the reception, storage and shipment of your cargo on any type of wagon
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Prompt and high-quality transshipment of grain cargoes from MOST Logistic Terminal

The terminal provides comprehensive transshipment services from broad to narrow European gauge for grain, oil and other crops: from reception, unloading, quality control to shipment.

We carry out transshipment both by direct car-car, truck-car, and using grain silos for storage and accumulation of products.

  • The terminal makes it possible to transship grain cargoes on the European track on the territory of Ukraine
  • With the help of high-quality equipment, we provide the service quickly and without unnecessary product losses

We are sure that any work tasks can be solved successfully if a group of professionals works on them.

Our equipment

Tracks 1435
1500 m
Tracks 1520
1500 m
Grain storage
12 500 tons
up to 200
Indoor storage
5,000 m2
Our capacities

MOST Logistic Terminal capabilities

Infrastructure capabilities
Acceptance and shipment of goods in narrow-gauge and broad-gauge wagons, as well as trucks
Overloading according to the direct option according to the scheme: wagon-wagon, truck-wagon
Overloading using available warehouse capacities according to the scheme: wagon/truck - warehouse/yard-wagon/truck
Grain terminal
Own elevator complex for 12,500 tons
Storage and shipment of grain cargoes on European tracks
Grain processing (cleaning) services
Grain laboratory
Quality research in our own certified laboratory with the issuance of the necessary documentation
Experienced staff and advanced equipment
Determination of basic quality indicators, as well as: the presence of aflatoxins, GMOs in corn, the amount of erucic acid in rapeseed

Advantages and geography of location

Most Logistic Terminal provides a key transport corridor between Ukraine and Europe, which provides new opportunities for logistics. Location advantages:

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